Hit Series Rectify Includes YouTube Video

Written on:July 25, 2015
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Hit Series Rectify Includes YouTube Video Clip

Sundance TV Show Rectify Uses Clips From’s YouTube Video How To Paint A Swimming Pool In Season 3, Episode 3 Which Aired On 07/23/2015

A How-To YouTube video recently was used in the Sundance Channel’s hit TV series Rectify. In its’ third season, Rectify has won critical acclaim, and has recently been picked up by Sundance for a forth season.

Sundance TV Show RectifyIn Season 3, Episode 3, which aired July 23, 2015 called “Sown With Salt”, the lead character Daniel has to get a job as one of the conditions of his parole from jail.

He manages to land a job cleaning out and painting the inground swimming pool at his relative’s apartment complex.

About 15 minutes into the show, they cut to a scene where Daniel is inside the already empty swimming pool.

Sundance TV Show RectifyHis boss is sitting on a lounge chair outside the pool watching the YouTube Video “How To Paint An Inground Pool” on his laptop computer, and instructing Daniel on how to do his job properly. “Painting looks pretty straightforward on the video”, he says.

The entire scene that involves the clips from the video probably didn’t total more than 45 seconds of screen time, however everyone at Pool & Spa were certainly thrilled to see their little How-To video used in such a popular nationwide hit TV show.

Sundance TV Show RectifyThe clip shows Pool And Spa TV host Tim Casey inside the bottom of an empty cement pool, in full respirator attire, which Daniel (the lead character in Rectify) has mimicked while working inside the apartment complex’s pool.

The “paint a swimming pool” theme is mentioned a few times during the 60 minute episode, including a very well directed final scene – where Daniel begins the painting process in the middle of the night, all alone, painting the pool blue, with a very artsy final shot (you’ll have to watch it to see).

Sundance TV Show RectifyWe spoke to’s owner and Pool And Spa TV director, Daniel Harrison, for some more detailed comments about what goes on behind-the-scenes in order for a show like Rectify to utilize clips from his company’s video. However due to confidentiality agreements, he was unable to be too talkative.

“They (the film production company) approached us earlier this year about using clips from one of our How-To videos in one of the Rectify TV show episodes for their third season. We were very happy that they thought enough of our video to include it in their show. We are pleased at the way the scene played out on air, and are very happy to have been a small part of their popular TV series.” said Harrison.

Sundance TV Show RectifyTim Casey, who actually appears in the clips said “OMG. I was flipping through the TV channels the other night, and was watching a commercial for Carlito’s Way with Al Pacino, and then a looked away from the screen for a moment – and when I turned back towards the TV – BAM – I saw myself in my pool painting outfit on a national TV show.”

He continues “OMG. I did recall Dan (Harrison) mentioning something about some of our video clips being used on a TV show, but that was months ago – and nothing normally comes from stuff like that. So I was really surprised to see myself on a real TV show like that, however short the clip was. It was a real thrill for sure” he noted.

Sundance TV Show RectifyThanks to all those folks at Sundance who picked’s How-To video to use in their show!

You can watch the show Rectify on the Sundance Chanel, available on most cable and satellite networks across the country.


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