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Written on:July 10, 2020
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Welcome To Our New Online Newsletter!

Dan Harrison, Founder -

Dan Harrison,

Hi everyone!

It’s Dan from with this month’s edition of our brand new, freshly re-designed, Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Online Newsletter!

Well the good news is that Summer is finally here! This was a pretty mild Spring Season for most parts of the country. But the bad news is that the Coronavirus has been causing a lot of havoc across the entire globe. That definitely sucks, to say the least!

But for pool and hot tub owners, you are in luck! The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) recently issued statements reporting that “you cannot get the Corona Virus (Covid-19) from properly sanitized swimming pool and/or hot tub water.” This is GREAT news for the pool & spa industry for sure.

It’s also good news for people who already have pools and spas – and will also be good for people planning to stay at home this year for a “Stay-Cation” in their own backyards, rather than going on potentially dangerous trips and vacations. Actually, being in a pool or hot tub is one of the best places to be during this pandemic! Thank goodness for chlorine and bromine for sure.

In this month’s News, read our four new articles about the Coronavirus – and the safety of using a swimming pool or hot tub in the era of Coronavirus.

And here at, we have all the chemicals and supplies you will need to open up your pool or hot tub – and keep it properly sanitized to ensure your safety all season long!

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Read this month’s Online Newsletter for some great pool and spa news stories, DIY How-To articles and videos, and some terrific new products too! Our New Online Newsletter is now view-able on desktop PC’s, Smartphones, Tablets and on our new App. As you have probably noticed, we have all been very busy here at over the winter, totally re-designing our entire web site for this year.  We upgraded the look and feel of our whole site as well as added a lot of new back-end technology to make your web experience more enjoyable. We hope you like it!

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Again, we sincerely hope you like our new Pool And Spa Newsletter website – and keep checking back with us – as we add new content weekly, to keep you up to date on all the latest Swimming Pool And Hot Tub News! Best wishes to all our valued customers and web site visitors!

Happy Swimming & Happy Tubbing ;o)

Dan Harrison and the entire staff of

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