Welcome To This Month’s Online Newsletter

Written on:March 24, 2024
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Welcome To This Month’s Online Newsletter!

Dan Harrison, Founder -

Dan Harrison,

Hi everyone!

It’s Dan from with this month’s edition of our Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Online Newsletter!

Well, Spring is finally here! Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Soon it will be time to open up your pool and/or hot tub for the season! This Winter was the warmest in recorded history and although their were areas that had quite a bit of snow, most of the country was spared. Hopefully this Spring and Summer Seasons will have equally nice weather too!

Now is the time to start planning for the 2024 Opening season! Make sure you order all of your season supplies now to avoid the rush – and the inevitable shortages that we continue to see since 2020.

The long term effects of COVID, supply chain shortages and inflation have caused historic price increases by many manufacturers within the pool and spa industry. Also the inability to hire enough new employees has been a challenge for many manufacturers as well.  This has caused a big one-two punch to the pool and spa industry resulting in a worldwide shortage of many of the most needed supplies. Items hit hard last year were chlorine and bromine, liners, covers, pumps, parts, hot tubs, valves and some filters.

So yes folks, there are still a lot of supply chain issues with chlorine, bromine, shock in moving into 2024 – as well as a lot of parts that have not yet been fully restocked nationwide. Again, it is best to purchase your supplies early!

Concerning the new pool and new hot tub market, the post-COVID demand for pools and hot tubs remains good, however inflation and fears of a possible recession are starting to bring demand back to normal levels. This is good news for many people who could simply not even get a new pool or hot tub for the last two years. They may cost a bit more this year,  but at least you will be able to get them. Is Here To Help You Out

At we have been trying to keep up with the demand as best as possible. We are continuously getting in deliveries of products from all over the nation as soon they become available. Although some items were not available last season, we do have thousands of items in stock, and feel confident in our ability to serve our customers throughout the 2024 pool and hot tub season.

If you are in need of chemicals, parts, supplies or covers for your Swimming Pool or Hot Tub, click here to visit our online store.

Also continue to read through this month’s Online Newsletter for some great pool and spa news stories, DIY How-To articles and videos, and some terrific products too! As you may have noticed, we have been very busy here at over the last few months, writing many new How-To articles and updating our web sites. We upgraded the look and feel of some of our sites and added a lot of new back-end technology to make your web experience faster and more enjoyable. We hope you like it!

Remember, if you need any chemicals, parts, pumps, filters, supplies or replacement pool or spa covers, we have most in-stock, ready for immediate delivery to you. We have money saving online coupons you can use right now to save big on all your pool and spa chemicals and supplies.

And as always, if you ever need some pool or hot tub advice, feel free to give us a call at 800-876-7647 or 702-437-4343. We are here to help. And we look forward to serving all your pool and spa needs.

Again, we sincerely hope you like our new Pool And Spa Newsletter website – and keep checking back with us – as we add new content constantly, to keep you up to date on all the latest Swimming Pool And Hot Tub News! Best wishes to all our valued customers and web site visitors!

Happy Swimming & Happy Tubbing ;o)

Dan Harrison and the entire staff of

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