Master Spas Contest Winner Announced

Written on:July 9, 2015
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Master Spas Contest Winner Announced News
Las Vegas, NV USA
Press Release
By Steve Larson, Staff Editor

Twilight Spas Contest WinnerMaster Spas Contest Winner Announced – The winner of the Win A Free $10,000 Twilight Series Hot Tub Contest – sponsored by Master Spas, was just announced yesterday. The lucky winner is Julie Beal from Illinois.

The website hosted the contest, which received well over 25,000 entries. The contest was promoted across multiple media channels and ran from 01/01/2015 – 06/30/2015. For the first time ever, entries via Social Media platforms slightly outperformed traditional media, showing the ever growing power and reach of Social Media.

Julie was notified via email and phone by’s President Daniel Harrison. “Telling people they just won a $10,000 hot tub over the phone is surely one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job” he said.

Twilight Series Spas“We have given away hot tubs, swim spas and gazebos for the last 13 years, with prizes totaling close to $400,000.” He continues saying that “These contests are really a win-win for everyone involved. The companies who sponsor the contests get a huge amount of promotion, our web site gets a lot of visits from people who may not have been fully aware of the benefits of owning a hot tub or a swim spa, and of course the lucky folks who win the prizes are happiest of all.”

Harrison reports that “Julie was very, very happy and surprised when I called her to tell her that she won. I asked her if she ever won anything else before and she said that once, she won a towel. I told her that this hot tub prize was probably a little bit better than a towel – and we both laughed.”

Twilight Spas Contest WinnerJulie commented “This is so exciting!  I printed out your [email] letter and my son snapped a few pics. I truly cannot tell you how long we have wanted to get a hot tub.  But there was always some new house issues to take care of first. And there still are.”

She continues that “Owning a hot tub was on our wish list but we had to put that thought to the side because it just wasn’t feasible at [the] time. We have a beautiful yard on the water and we knew that a new hot tub spa was what would really make the deck amazing. We just didn’t think that it would be quite so fancy!”

Julie and her family specifically like the Twilight Series Hot Tub Model they won. “It has more bells and whistles then we would have dreamed of! My son and husband are over the moon. Our son is already planning a party so that he can entertain his friends in our new hot tub. Oh my!  And I spent the whole night thinking about the perfect place for this lovely tub and I still don’t know.  What a great problem to have” she said.

Twilight Series SpasHarrison said “She was certainly a happy camper when I told her she won.” Beal old us “We [can’t wait] to have our new spa thanks to and Master Spas! Tell Dan thanks again for [giving me] this amazing news and flooring our whole family. That’s not easy to do you know!”

Julie will be getting her new tub in a few weeks. And special thanks to the folks at Master Spas for sponsoring such a wonderful contest. For all those who want a chance to win a Healthy Living Hot Tub by Master Spas, they are now sponsoring a new contest which started on July 1, 2015 and will run through December 31, 2015.

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Healthy Living Hot Tub Contest

And special thanks to all the great folks at Master Spas for sponsoring this contest, and providing high quality spas, hot tubs and swim spas for over 30 years!

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