SwimEx Gets A New President

Written on:September 10, 2014
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SwimEx Gets A New President

SwimEx Inc. Announces Suzanne Pearson Vaughan As New President

Fall River, MA – SwimEx, Inc., an international leader in the manufacturing of therapy and fitness pools, is pleased to announce the appointment of Suzanne Pearson Vaughan as President.

Formerly VP of Sales, Vaughan managed worldwide sales and oversaw all branding and marketing.  As President, she will direct every facet of the business and drive strategic growth.  Since joining SwimEx in 1989, Vaughan has held a variety of leadership positions including SwimEx division manager when SwimEx was part of Tillotson Pearson, Inc.  Vaughan, who lives in Norwell, MA,  holds a Bachelor of Science degree in administrative science from Colby College.  Her background and business experience make her perfectly suited to lead the organization and its strategic growth.

Suzanne Pearson Vaughan, SwimEx“I am honored to have been chosen for this position,” says Vaughan.  “We have a world class product, a talented team and a loyal customer base.  This is an exciting time for SwimEx, and I look forward to helping drive growth and strengthen our reputation as the industry leader.”

According to Vaughan, SwimEx delivers a leading product with a personal touch. “We are known for the quality of our construction, the uniqueness of our brand, and our high level of personal service.  We partner and consult with therapists and athletic trainers and consider each customer as we build individual pools.  I am proud to say that we consistently achieve the ultimate SwimEx experience for a lifetime of health and well-being.”
Vaughan’s father Everett Pearson, an inventor and entrepreneur known as the fiberglass pioneer, founded the company in 1986.

From the very start Pearson dedicated himself to building the finest swim spa fitness pools and rehabilitation equipment on the market.

He is thrilled that the baton has been passed onto his daughter. “I am proud of Suzanne for her initiative and commitment to SwimEx,” says Pearson. “Through the years, she has worked diligently to help guide the company.  I am extremely excited about the opportunities that lay ahead, and am confident she will successfully lead SwimEx as we expand into new markets and continue to grow.”

About SwimEx

Founded by fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson in 1986, SwimEx is dedicated to building the finest swim spa fitness pools and rehabilitation equipment on the market. Originally recognized for co-founding Pearson Yachts in 1957 and introducing the first fiberglass production sailboat, Pearson bought the SwimEx paddlewheel patents from two MIT engineers who designed and built one of the first swim-in-place pools. Their idea began as a paddlewheel that draws water off the surface and propels it back into the pool to generate a steady, deep, counter-current allowing for the smoothest, widest and deepest adjustable swimming and rehabilitation environment on the market.

Suzanne Pearson Vaughan, SwimExToday, SwimEx pools are the leader in fitness and therapy pools.  They are sold worldwide and can be found in major athletic training rooms for professional and college sports teams, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health clubs and individual residences. SwimEx currently offers ten commercial lines of aquatic therapy pools and six residential models.  In 2012, SwimEx introduced a line of hot and cold plunge tanks designed to create the ultimate recovery and revitalization environment for athletes.

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