Google Gets 3 Million Views On YouTube

Written on:July 9, 2014
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OK.  We have to admit that we were not looking at the odometer when this happened last week, but our YouTube Channel hit a milestone. We now have over 3 million viewers on YouTube! TV

So this may not be big news if you are PSY (over 3 billion viewers), or if you have a real cute “stupid cat video” (over 1 billion viewers), but for a pool & spa company, this is a BIG DEAL. was one of this industry’s first companies to even post YouTube pool & spa related How-To videos, way back in the ancient history of the Internet, in 2007. We really were.

Pool And Spa TV

As with most “new” Internet technologies, we were made fun of – for “wasting the time” to film and post How-To videos for pool & spa owners. “YouTube is for teenage girls”, we were told back in 2007. “Why spend the time and money to film videos for pool & spa owners who are mostly over the age of 40?”.

Others told us that “YouTube is a flash-in-the-pan, much like MySpace. What a waste of your time, effort, and money to post videos about pools or hot tubs. Who will ever watch this?”. Those were very typical of the comments that we received in 2007 & 2008 when we started to produce How-To videos for pool & spa owners and buyers.

Pool And Spa TV

But now, in 2014, those comments are SO “I told you so”. We were right and they were wrong. But we don’t mean to gloat (yes we do). But our Pool And Spa TV YouTube Channel (PoolAndSpaMoose) now has more views than ANY OTHER How-To pool and spa related Channel in the world. Yeah…it’s tough to be a trend setter :o)

Pool And Spa TV

We jest….. However we are very proud of the 3 million+ viewers who have tuned in to our How-To videos over the years. We really love our customers – and our YouTube video viewers. We really do!

Pool And Spa TV

And – in addition to our new partnerships with eHow, Direct TV, Amazon Prime, and Roku – we are getting even more views through those channels every day as well!

Over the last seven years, we have produced videos in association with the likes of ZZ Top, Artesian Spas, Ozzy Osbourne, Home Depot, Duck Dynasty, Master Spas, Iron Maiden, The Bee Gees, Plava Music, Cher, Lita Ford, Dirty Vegas, V4V4LuLz, The Tramps, Deadmou5, Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Strong Spas, Lady Gaga, Eco One, Metallica, Deirdre Taylor, Premium Leisure Spas, Maax Spas, WetHead Media, Sundance Spas and more…

Pool And Spa TV

We are very happy that so many people have enjoyed our videos, and really appreciate the support of all our sponsors – without whom – we would not have been able to produce these pool & spa videos over the years.

Thank you all…… Thank you, thank you !

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