Motion Is Lotion – Using Your Swim Spa for Pain Relief

Written on:June 5, 2019
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Motion Is Lotion – Using Your Swim Spa For Pain Relief

By Rick McAvoy News Contributor

Dr. Rick McAvoy - Swim Spa Exercise Training Classes

Motion is Lotion – Using Your Swim Spa for Pain Relief

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people in the world who suffer from chronic pain? If so, then maybe your swim spa can help to better manage your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life.

There are numerous benefits that warm water has on reducing pain. Water is a very supportive medium and can reduce body weight up to 90% when submerged up to your neck. This unloading provides a gentle traction on painful joints and helps reduce any type of swelling or inflammation you may have.

Warm water can help to increase your flexibility. On land, it may be too painful to move. Warm water lessens stiffness, decreases pain and make it easier to move your joints and improve flexibility.

Water is a surrounding medium and provides the body 360-degrees of support. This support can help improve your body awareness which can assist in improving movement and preventing injury.

The resistance of water can be up to 15x greater than air. This provides a very safe and accommodating resistance which means that the harder you push against the water the more resistance you will get. This resistance can help to build muscle strength and improve overall function.

Stress reduction and relaxation are some of the most important aspects of controlling any type of pain. Your swim spas warm water helps to provide pain and stress relief by providing sensory stimulation throughout the entire body. Using the swim spas jets adds further benefit to promote increased muscle flexibility and relaxation. This can help improve sleep and fight depression which is important for everyone especially those suffering with chronic pain.

Motion is Lotion: I always tell my clients that too much sitting is the worse thing that they can do for their body. But when they have significant pain it can be too difficult for them to move. This causes them to lose flexibility and strength and become even more stiff and painful. This tends to be a viscous cycle. The water is sometimes the only place that they can move and exercise comfortably.

A swim spa is not necessarily the fountain of youth but for those suffering with chronic pain it is pretty close.


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