Funny Pool And Spa Photos Of The Month

Written on:March 28, 2019
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Funny Pool And Spa Photos Of The Month

Everyone likes funny, stupid Internet photos! Here are some of the best swimming pool and hot tub related photos we have received recently. Have fun!


Funny Pool And Spa Photos

OMG – What Do I Do ???

So what happened to your pool today?  Cover fell in a little bit?  Water turned green?  You lost a water tube or two?

You think YOU have troubles opening up your pool?  This homeowner got quite a surprise when they heard a big bang, and went into their backyard recently. A driver inadvertently hit the gas instead of the brake pedal, hurling himself and his SUV right through a cement wall and – plop – right into the pool.

Surprisingly, the diving board was not hurt (see photo).  The driver got out through the open window, alive and well – albeit shook-up.  The wall suffered the most damage.

In this photo, the mess from the wall crash has already been cleaned up, and the car had already been spun around ready to be removed by the crane waiting in the street.  Hopefully they will remember to take off that diving board, or it will get totally ripped off when the car is pulled out.

Funny Pool And Spa Photos

Swimming In The iPool

Getting the new iPhone?  That’s great, but what about getting the new iPool? No, they have not really invented an Ipool yet, but we bet someone is working on it somewhere!

There will probably be an app for it eventually, but either way, the pool will most likely be small-ish!

Funny Pool And Spa Photos

Beat The Heat By The Beach Or The Pool !

It’s so hot this summer that even Huskies have to take to the water.  And, of course they need their cool sunglasses an mixed drinks to complete the perfect day of relaxing!

Funny Pool And Spa Photos

Sometimes Staying Home By The Pool May Be Your Best Bet!

So we all like to go to the beach or the lake, but sometimes it might be better to stay in your own backyard pool. Both for you AND for this guy. Either that – or he must save up and buy a razor blade – and then pay someone to groom him before he blesses the beach’s food court with his shirtless self!

Funny Pool And Spa Photos

I Will Not Go Anywhere Without My Hot Tub, Dern It!

Why just go to the lake, when you can be in a Hot Tub too – IN the lake – IN a boat! What else could you ask for?

Great idea!  Hot Tub Boats offers this feature.  So next time you go to the lake, or go on your boring normal boat, always remember that you could be hot tubbing at the same time! What will they think of next?

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