Google Hit By Massive Computer Virus

Written on:May 14, 2017
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Press Release: Hit By Massive Computer Virus

By Team Editors

The management of reports that a few of their servers used to produce some website properties on the internet were hit by the massive Wanna Cry Ransom-Ware Virus on Friday 5/12/2017 at approximately 2:00 PM CST. Although this virus / Ransom-Ware hit at 2:00 PM, the full scope of the damage was not later found until around 7:00 PM CST. Hit By Massive Computer Virus


The virus caused multiple technical issues on their “Classic Site” only. None of their other website properties were affected. Daniel Harrison, President & CEO of the companies reports that “95% of our network remains robust and strong, and we are working the problem relating to the 5% of systems affected that day.”

“By Tuesday we should be back up to 100%. No consumer data was compromised during this breach, and we seem to have it under control at this juncture” he says.

Ethan Johnson, IT Infrastructure ADH at, reports that “there are multiple redundant backups of all of the important data sets and we had a lot of the data stored prior to this horrific hack.”

The moral of the story is that – – – no matter how many triple redundant systems you have in place to protect all your data, it only takes one small place to exploit it!

“We will be working round the clock all week long to ensure the security of all of our systems”, says Harrison.  “We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”, he reports.


*** Tuesday May 16, 2017 Update **** reports that as of 05/16/2017, all lost data has been recovered since the virus attack on Friday 05/12/2017. All website properties are now functioning properly and new security has been put in place to guard against future ransom-ware virus attacks.