Water Saving Tips Every Swimming Pool Owner Should Know

Written on:April 29, 2022
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Water Saving Tips Every Swimming Pool Owner Should Know

By Daniel Shir
Swimming Pool Expert
Pool University
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Have you ever sat and thought why you are having higher water bills nowadays than before? Well, it’s probably that beautiful swimming pool in your backyard! So now you know it’s the pool what next? Are you going to fill it up with soil and make a garden? Don’t go that way. It hasn’t got to that. Or has it? There are several ways you can reduce your water bills and save the amount of water you spend in your spa or pool.

Swimming PoolBe smart, use water smartly by learning more on how you can conserve water in your spa or swimming pool. It’s important to play your part in environmental conservation. Wondering how you will be able to save on water usage?

Here is how – Avoid the urge to drain your pool water every new season – If you are the kind of pool owner who loves to drain their pool at the start of each new season and start off with fresh clean water, it’s time to reconsider that. If you have taken proper care of your pool, then it does not have to be drained as frequently as you may assume. Even if you get cloudy pool water, it does not mean you should drain your pool water. You can always treat cloudy water without having to drain your pool. You can find some practical tips on how to get rid of cloudy pool water.  A lot of pool experts agree that a pool should be drained after every 3-7 years. However, spas need to be drained every 3 months but that depends on the usage.

Coast SpasCovering the Pool – Pool owners are discovering the advantages that come with heating their pools. With pool waters getting heated up to 25 degrees; one can enjoy their pool all round the year (of course in areas that do not heavily snow!). Therefore, to decrease evaporation and the need to top up water every now and then, investing in a high quality pool cover is vital. A pool cover will not only conserve water, but will also minimize energy costs by cutting back on heat loss. Since most covers also come with rollers they are easy and a convenient way for lowering the costs of owning a heated swimming pool and saving water.

Reuse the back washed water – When you are done with de-chlorinating or back washing your pool, empty the filter backwash into lawns or collect it for reuse. Ensure you do not let your back washed water to run into other people properties unless you have an earlier agreement with your neighbor. In addition, it’s important to consult with your state council since it illegal in some states to empty your pool backwash into street drains. You don’t want to get into trouble due to ignorance!

Swimming PoolDo you know how much you pay for your water bills? – Changes in the amount you should be paying maybe an indication of a leak or some other technical problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Examine the Pool Pump – Run your pool pump only when necessary. Begin by running your pump for a minimum of 8 hours daily. If your pool always seems clear, then you can run your pump less often. But if the pool begins to get cloudy, then you may need to run it for longer hours until it gets clear. You will notice that you will need different run times in different seasons of the year. Get a timer that works perfectly for your pool pump. You will also be able to save on operating costs by matching your pool size with right pool pump. You can get the pumps and other pool accessories online. In case you need any replacements for your pump, this store offers everything you need for your swimming pool and spa.

Maintain the right water level – A lot of pool owners are not aware that by maintaining correct pool water levels, they are actually conserving water.  Your pool water level should be only half way up the skimmer opening. This will ensure there is proper skimming action and also save you gallons of water that would have otherwise gone to waste. Avoid the urge to overfill your pool. This significantly lowers the efficiency of the skimmer and wastes lots of water.

Swimming PoolAdd chlorine in the evening – The sun will hasten the dissolution of any type of sanitizer in the pool so the evening is usually the perfect time to sanitize the pool.

If the chlorine is automatically added when the pump is on, it’s important to run the pump at night for best results.

There you have it. These simple tips can save you water and money (the water bill!). Even if you are not concerned about water bill, it’s good practice to conserve water and do what’s right for the environment. So don’t wait, take action on these water-saving tips right now!

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Daniel Shir is the founder of Pool University, a place where pool and spa owners can find how-to guides for pool and spa care. Pool University covers topics ranging from pool chemistry, pool equipment reviews and buying guides, pool activities, pool safety, and many more.