Spa Manufacturers Inc. Wins 2015 Best Of Class Award

Written on:June 19, 2015
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Spa Manufacturers Inc. Wins Best Of Class Award For 2015

Spa Manufacturer’s Inc. has won a coveted 2015 Best Of Class Awards for their Swim Spas. It appears as if the Swim Spa models from this Clearwater Florida brand were selected – out of over 70 different companies – as one of the first batch of picks for the coveted annual Best Of Class Awards. There are normally about 20-30 pool, hot tub and swim spa companies that win a Best Of Class Award each year.

Spa Manufacturer’s Inc.Spa Manufacturers, Inc. is a reliable source to buy hot tubs and swim spas direct from an established spa manufacturer! They have over 25 different inground and portable swim spas and hot tub spas for 2015.

They have been building high quality inground and portable hot tubs for over twenty years. With more than 25 different inground and portable hot tub spa models available in ten standard marble and granite colors their selection may be fully customized – including personalized therapeutic jet configurations to meet your exact needs. Their swim spas and hot tubs set the standard for quality in design, engineering, and craftsmanship!

Spa Manufacturer’s, a Nevada, USA based pool and spa web site, normally announces the winners of their Best Of Class Awards for companies in the pool and spa industry at the beginning of July each year.  The award program recognizes outstanding and superior products, innovation and/or customer service in the pool & spa industry.

Various sources of information are gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. This year’s Awards will be based on a combination of factors including product inspections and phone interviews, as well as very detailed consumer input through the use of a third-party consumer survey company. Over 5,000 consumers were polled throughout 2014 to the present. The 2015 Best Of Class Award Program will focus on quality, not necessarily quantity.

Spa Manufacturer’s Inc.The official picks for 2015 are not due to be released for another few weeks, normally around July 1 of each year. However the selection process has begun, and Spa Manufacturer’s Inc. was one of the first chosen for this honor for the 2015 Best Of Class Swim Spa awards. was one of the first pool and spa companies to have a web site and has been on the Internet since 1994. They have presented their Best Of Class Awards every year since 1998.

Congratulations to Spa Manufacturer’s Inc. for their big 2015 win!

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