Pool And Spa Enclosures Let You Enjoy Your Backyard Year Round

Written on:April 1, 2021
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Pool And Spa Enclosures Let You Enjoy Your Backyard Year Round

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Pool And Spa Enclosures Let You Enjoy Your Backyard Year Round – Wouldn’t you love to use your pool or hot tub year-round? One minute you’re having a rough day at work, and the next minute you’re taking a dip in a warm pool or hot tub with a drink in hand, despite there being snow on the ground.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

Of course you would love that! You really would not be able to do that if you only put a winter cover on your swimming pool, or leave you hot tub outside in the winter. If you want to be able to enjoy your pool or spa in all types of weather, you’d need the proper enclosure.

The Pool and Spa Enclosures are built for year-round use. The polycarbonate panels in the enclosures provide good insulation properties by allowing the sun’s rays to shine through creating a “greenhouse effect”. Each enclosure’s frame has a vinyl sweep. The sweep helps seal in warm air while keeping drafts out. In doing this, a warm enclosed environment is created and the amount of heat that gets out is minimal.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

A Pool Enclosure is a Great Investment For A Lot Of Reasons

As a pool owner, you know that maintaining your pool can be a lot of work and cost a pretty penny. You can protect your pool with a simply cover every night to maintain its temperature and try and keep debris out, but dirt and leaves still get in as the wind can blow your cover off. You love your pool but all the time to maintain and money it’s costing you is exhausting. It may be time for you to consider purchasing a pool enclosure. These types of covers are great investments because:

1. They allow you to swim year-round, 24/7 (which gives you a better bang for your buck on your pool investment and enjoyment).

2. They save you time (and even more money in the long run). The hours upon hours you spend maintaining your pool and the area directly around it will be significantly reduced. Enclosures protect pools and patios from leaves and debris.

3. The money savings continues, this time on heating costs. Retractable enclosures capture heat as a result of solar radiation, making your pool water and the area around it warm and toasty.

4. Keep children safer. A fence alone is not good enough to keep children out of your pool unattended, as children are smart and can get around them. The enclosures help prevent drowning. They are more secure than fences and when locked, are difficult for children to break into.

5. They protect users from harmful UV radiation. More specifically, its their polycarbonate panels that protect users skin from the UV radiation.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

Advantages And Benefits of Having A Pool And Spa Enclosure

Have a relaxing, private, secure, cleaner experience if you choose to enclose your pool. There are many other benefits of having a pool enclosure for your backyard. The pool enclosures allow you to extend your season or swim year round. You slide the retractable enclosure behind the pool and enjoy swimming in the open air. There is time saving and lowered frequency of cleaning your swimming pool or patio area. There is a reduction in frequency of checking water due to improvement of water quality. There is a reduction of required water treatment chemicals.

You have reduced temperature fluctuations of pool water overnight. There are easy travel of segments along the low laying tracks. There is a reduction in evaporation loss. You are capturing heat resulting from solar radiation or from additional heating of water and prevention of thermal losses. You have free-of-charge and environmentally-friendly water heating; High solar efficiency results in lower costs of heating. And there is no need for opening and closing your swimming pool or spa each season!

Pool enclosures have sealed polycarbonate boards in the aluminum structure. They have a reinforced structure of the front walls. They reduce weather damage to swimming pool or spa. And their durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for years.

When you think of safety, enclosures offer a lot! They give you protection against children or pets falling in water. They are designed to withstand wind and snow load requirements. They have childproof locking system and they block harmful UV radiation.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

For swimming pools, realize that the polycarbonate panels act like a greenhouse. Direct exposure to the sun’s rays or, on cloudy days, the effect of diffused rays warms the air within the enclosure. At night or on cooler days the heat of the enclosed atmosphere is gradually lost.

Normally, at the start of the season, the water temperature in an unheated pool rises a bit each day when exposed to direct sunlight. The water temperature also rises on cloudy days even when there is no direct sun. However the evaporation of water from the pool leads to loss of heat. Depending on the temperature difference between the water and the air  many gallons of water may be lost each day.

With an enclosure, the water surface is isolated from the external atmosphere, which slows down the evaporation from the pool. (Technically speaking, the thermal gradient is decreased.)  This saves money by using less water and less heat.

An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is to spread a solar bubble or foam covers over the water surface. Solar bubbles directly exposed to sun and frost are not durable and become dirty easily. But when they are used under an enclosure they perform their function very well. The combination of a bubble or a foam enclosure is a highly successful way of reducing water heating costs. The use of a suitable heat retention cover is strongly recommended to reduce evaporation, which is the cause of condensation. With an enclosure, if you get too warm inside, just slide the movable segments back and in a few moments you will be swimming in the open air!

Have A Pool All Year Long With Less Hassles

There are numerous benefits to having a pool enclosure. In addition to the convenience of being able to use your pool all year, there is also added privacy and protection from debris. These reasons make it a great addition to any pool.

Debris can be an annoyance to remove from your pool. It can take an hour or more to scoop leaves, dirt, and other things that may have blown into your pool, especially if you have a large pool. If your pool were enclosed, you would spend less time cleaning debris. You will also use much less chemicals since your pool with remain cleaner and clearer for longer periods of time. Less debris means less chemicals in your pool.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

Another advantage of having an enclosed pool is an added layer of security to your home. Many enclosures include a lockable gate or door. This can keep intruders, as well as unwanted wildlife from entering onto your property. Keep your children safe with an enclosure as well. You may want to install an audible alarm on your gate to stay informed of entry or exit to your pool. Keep little ones safe from drowning by researching pool enclosures.

This Is The New Era for Sun Rooms And Hot Tub Rooms Also!

Today’s Sun Rooms and Hot Tub rooms are much more technologically efficient than their predecessors. New Materials. New Construction. Insulated floors and roofs, sliding windows and doors with screens, and more. Today’s sunrooms are much more advanced than the old style sunrooms from the 70s and 80s.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

Sunrooms from those decades were commonly made with single pane glass and aluminum. They had glass-roofed structures that were not efficient, and in our opinion, were not very pleasing to the eye. Homeowners typically purchased sunrooms to expand square footage of their home, which they could add onto an existing concrete slab. In the winter, they got cold. In the summer, too hot and they could not be opened and enjoyed. Many homeowners of the 70s and 80s used sunrooms mostly for storage.

Many homeowners today are purchasing sunrooms for entertainment purposes. They are using them as a place to host gatherings with family, friends and as a place to conduct hobbies such as exercising, reading and painting. Sunrooms are now made better and are more attractive in appearance and the uses are extended to indoor and outdoor use. Now, a retractable enclosure can be opened and enjoyed when it’s sunny. Use it for barbecues, picnics, and more. On colder days, admire the great outdoors while sitting comfortably in your enclosed space.

Pool And Spa Enclosures

And the Hot Tub enclosures offer easy year round use for your hot tub or portable spa! And hot tub dome enclosures are virtually maintenance free. And many Hot tub enclosures are equipped with roofs that can be partially opened. Views are not obstructed – through their polycarbonate that is clear as glass, users can completely view the area surrounding the enclosure. Polycarbonate creates a “greenhouse” warming  effect that can be appreciated in off seasons.

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