How To Use Spa Shock

Written on:April 8, 2022
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How To Use Spa Shock (Oxidizer)

Sanispa-1_75LB-LGMany hot tub owners report problems with their water chemistry that could easily be avoided if they used Spa Shock Oxidizer properly. Here we will discuss what Spa Shock does and the correct way to use it.

Basically, a Shock treatment to water consists of instantaneously raising the sanitizer level of the water to immediately kill off all the foreign bacteria present at that time. Shocking water does not provide a long term residual base of sanitizer and should only be used occasionally when needed. It is not recommended to use either bleach or pool chlorine in your hot tub spa. While most Shock is chlorine based, there is also non-chlorine spa shock available as well.

Shocking a spa usually consists of adding 2 or 3 cap-fulls of Spa Shock to the spa water once or twice per week. If you are in doubt, read the instructions on the Spa Shock product you have to figure out the correct dosage for the size of your particular spa.

The most common times to shock your spa are when you have just refilled it with fresh water, just before and just after a party or other period of heavy usage, once a week when you adjust your other spa chemicals, if your spa ever turns green or you develop a slimy greenish color on the spa walls or floor, if your water smells musty or looks cloudy, or if you test your water mid-week and find a low Bromine reading.

As you can see, the times your spa needs Shock the most are the times when there is a low bromine level combined with a high bacteria count. Proper use of Spa Shock will help keep your spa water crystal clear and safe for the whole family!

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