Cal Spas Wins Best Of Class Award For 2015

Written on:July 16, 2015
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Cal Spas Wins Best Of Class Award For 2015

Cal Spas has won a 2015 Best Of Class Award for their hot tubs, swim spas and backyard products.  They were selected for one of the coveted annual Best Of Class Awards. There are normally about 20-30 pool, hot tub and swim spa companies that win a Best Of Class Award each year.

Cal, is a Nevada based pool and spa web site, and announces the winners of their Best Of Class Awards for companies in the pool and spa industry each year. The award program recognizes outstanding and superior products, innovation and/or customer service in the pool & spa industry.

The Cal Spas story began over 34 years ago at a crowded county fair. The year was 1978 and California Acrylic Industries was a Pomona, California-based pool builder searching for a way to exhibit a large variety of pool designs in a small space. To solve this dilemma, the company created smaller versions of its formed acrylic pools and put them on display for customers. The miniature pools immediately sparked interest and the company began to receive special requests for acrylic hot tubs.

A year later, with the company’s hot tub business growing, California Acrylic Industries took a leap of faith. The company stopped building pools and focused full-time on the hot tub business. Cal Spas was born.

Cal SpasCal Spas began with a small selection of hot tubs but gradually grew in popularity. Within a few short years, Cal Spas began its nationwide distribution. Cal Spas eventually outgrew its 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility and moved the company headquarters to its current 1-million square foot location in Pomona, California. In 1995, Cal Spas embraced a new direction and established its mission to grow Cal Spas into a global leader in luxurious outdoor living products.

Today, the celebrated hot tub maker is world renowned as the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products. Cal Spas produces premium collections of lifestyle products from its headquarters in Pomona, California and distributes worldwide through a network of specialty dealers.

Best Of Class AwardVarious sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. This year’s Awards were based on a combination of factors including product inspections and phone interviews, as well as very detailed consumer input through the use of a third-party consumer survey company. Over 5,000 consumers were polled throughout 2014 to the present. The 2015 Best Of Class Award Program focuses on quality, not necessarily quantity. was one of the first pool and spa companies to have a web site and has been on the Internet since 1994. They have presented their Best Of Class Awards every year since 1998.

Congratulations to Cal Spas for winning this award!

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