Atera AnyTemp Spas Delivers Swim Spa To Wounded Warrior

Written on:November 11, 2015
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Atera AnyTemp Spas Delivers Swim Spa To Wounded Warrior

Cool Veteran’s Day 2015 News

Atera AnyTemp SpasAtera AnyTemp Spas, Swim Spas and Hot Tubs delivered an AnyTemp Cold and Hot True Zone Trainer Swim Spa to wounded warrior Kathy Champion (Army Lt. Col.) on November 2, 2015.

The combined effort of Semper Fi Fund, Camp Pendleton CA, Barcelona Crane Company, Clearwater FL and Atera Spas, Gendale Arizona, made it possible. Champion is now training in perfect temperature COOL water and recovering in contrasting HOT therapeutic massaging water all year, outdoors in the privacy of her own home. Kathy is indeed a true champion, inspiring everyone she meets!

Atera AnyTemp SpasDuring her almost 28 years of service, while deployed in Iraq, multiple IED explosions left her with a broken back, torn ligaments in her shoulder and legs and concussions. At one point her doctors told her she’d likely never walk again.

Champion is also blind as a result of a virus she contracted in Iraq that attacked her optic nerve, half deaf and fears crowds as a result of severe PTSD.

Now, after years of persistence and with assistance of friend Katie Morrow, Champion is competing in Triathlons, running in races, mountain climbing and bicycling regularly.  “What I need is exercise, socialization and opportunities to be out with people and do things.  Just because I can’t see doesn’t mean I can’t be alive and be in the moment.”

Atera AnyTemp SpasAlmost monthly Champion dons her blue Army dress uniform to give inspirational speeches and likes the fact that her words seem to help others, both warriors and civilians alike.

In the past, Champion has been training with Morrow in the YMCA pool and recovering in the hot tub there.

When Champion is pushing her limits she says, “I am awake, not one inch of me is not awake.”

She’ll be in Tucson next month on a book tour, Brave Strong True , by Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas PHD and running a marathon in San Diego in December.

Atera AnyTemp Spas“My wife and I were honored to spend our 35th Anniversary at Kathy’s home and to have the opportunity to personally train Kathy, with Katie’s assistance, on how to safely enter, use and adjust both AnyTemp True COLD and HOT Zones to best meet her personal swimming, exercising and therapy requirements..”, said Charles Reynolds, inventor, patent holder and CEO of Four Season Home Products, Inc., manufacturer of  Atera AnyTemp Spas.


For more information visit Kathy Champion’s Facebook page and the news page on Atera’s website.

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