Atera AnyTemp Olympic Swim Spa Beats The Heat

Written on:July 16, 2015
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Atera AnyTemp Olympic Swim Spa Beats The Heat

It is sooooo hot outside! How can you possibly beat this level of heat? We have an answer. Read on …. read on…

Atera AnyTemp SpasSo……….. It was 117 degrees in Palm  Desert, CA while Atera AnyTemp Spas delivered and installed a patented Atera AnyTemp True Zone dual zone Olympic Swim Spa to this lucky family!

The Swim Zone will be set to 87 degrees and provide the world’s only COOL daily swim, exercise and fun all summer and the Full Cycle Therapy Spa Zone will be set to 98 degrees.  A COOL water oasis in the desert on the golf course makes our client friends happy!  The Atera AnyTemp Team and our superb vendor partners again made the impossible possible.

Atera’s patented AnyTemp® System is the first and only to provide a Cold, Cool, Tepid, Warm or Hot aquatic experience, indoors or outdoors, in any climate. Personalized fun, health and wellness can finally be enjoyed at home, 365 days a year, with a water temperature range between 62°F and 104°F.

Daily outdoor hydrotherapy, exercise, training and swimming in perfect temperature water is finally a four season reality and no longer just a seasonal possibility! Even in Phoenix, Arizona, when it’s 110°F with 85% humidity your AnyTemp® Spa and AnyTemp® Swim Spa can be maintained at a cool, refreshing 80°F. Amazing, but true!

Best Of Class AwardA winner of the 2015 Best Of Class Award, their insulation is unlike any other spa or hot tub and AnyTemp® Spas must perform like a thermos bottle, keeping cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot, outdoors, in the most extreme climates!

No other recreation or therapy vessel requires the unique insulating properties of an Atera AnyTemp® Spa! HVAC engineering, and over a year of trial and error, finally resulted in the exclusive AnyTemp® Insulating System.

This exclusive system, included in their patent, provides economical operation in the coldest arctic winters and the hottest desert summers, while always keeping the water your perfect temperature!

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